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Real Estate Resource Hub seeks to demystify real estate for everyone by educating consumers about real estate, finances, how to invest successfully as well as helping Real Estate Agents with tips to achieve higher levels, building a real estate team, marketing their listings, selling faster for higher dollars and more! Real estate market information is often dense and impenetrable to those unfamiliar with the lingo. Real Estate Resource Hub is changing that by making this information easy to understand, while still providing all the information necessary to make the best decisions about the housing market and finances, letting consumers take control of their own choices and futures.

Maude Leger

Founder of Real Estate Resource Hub & Real Estate Investor

About Maude
Maude founded Real Estate Resource Hub in 2015. She currently owns and operates her own Real Estate Marketing company – Sold Right Away Inc. Since 2008 she has grown her business to working with over 200 realtors. By using her in depth knowledge of real estate and profound marketing abilities she has been able to grow the businesses of the realtors that work with her.

Antonina DiPaola


About Toni
Antonina “Toni” oversees The Real Estate Resource Hub’s day-to-day operations and works closely with our clients and team to ensure that all flows together properly.

Emma Hockney


About Emma
Emma sets the tone for our photography, videos and blog posts.

Sammy Phonthaphanh


About Sammy
Sammy oversees the administration of Sold Right Away, making sure books balance, employees are getting paid and clients are getting their invoices.

Rahim Dhrolia


About Rahim
From defining the digital strategy to generating quality leads, all the while re-engineering web design; Rahim develops, implements, tracks and optimizes marketing campaigns to help clients realize their digital marketing objectives. His expertise includes: identifying trends and insights, SEO, social media and email marketing. Rahim is currently in his last year of Bachelor of Commerce – Digital Business Management program.

Stephanie Bate


About Stephanie
Stephanie just started with Sold Right Away. She handles administrative duties as well as anything else the team needs. She works meticulously by the teams side, helping them and clients with their needs as well as managing projects.

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Your questions are very important to us! Our team of advisors are experts in the industry and we strive to answer your support questions at lightning speed.

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We love to innovate! It comes easy to us… lots of brainstorming sessions and creative meetings to come up with new ideas to improve our real estate community in every way!

Advanced Technology

We constantly research new technologies and choose wisely in terms of advanced technology to ensure we are always improving our real estate world!

Clear Communication

Hoping that we can help everyone understand Real Estate and investing successfully in Real Estate no matter the level of knowledge as well as inspiring Realtors to be better and achieve higher is not always easy. It all starts with clear communication!

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